[Solira] I need your independent advice

lberto Bruni bruenzo a libero.it
Sab 24 Giu 2017 19:39:57 CEST

Dear friend! 

I've been recently evolved into  unpleasant situation and  I just wanted  to  ask you for and  independent advice. Please read the whole story here http://bit.do/dxeSn. Thanks!

lberto Bruni

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To: bruenzo a libero.it
Subject: Yeeaaah, that'd do it!

I can understand the frustration with  people leaving immediately  or whatever, but  the  speed running to me  is fine. I see no point in spending 5-10+ minutes more on a strike that I'm  just grinding  out for  my  rep/marks.  If I shave off 5 minutes a strike  at 6 marks a run (~17  runs for full 100  w/o weekly), that's 85 minutes I  can spend doing wipes on Crota because people can't talk or 85  minutes material farming or whatever. And between  3 characters, that's a lot of  time saved.

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