[Solira] Job offer on free software for a Django/Javascript developer, also from remote

Francesco Occhipinti f.occhipinti a gmail.com
Sab 8 Nov 2014 12:40:33 CET

Hi Solira,

My former company, Sourcefabric, is looking for a Django developer to work
on this product:


The main requirements are to be proficient both in Django and in English.
Obviously a good knowledge of Javascript is a big plus, given how modern
web development works.

This is the official job post:
the page lists Berlin or Prague as the job location, but actually the
managers are very flexible about the possibility of working from remote.
You will work with a project manager from Berlin and a technical lead from
Croatia, and colleagues from all over Europe.

So, if you love Django and are not worried about working and communicating
in English, this is your opportunity to work with free software, even
without moving from Sicily! The salary is good i would say, but of course
negotiations are always individual. The persons in the company are really
really nice, they are committed in doing good for the society and they are
very open, smart and friendly.

Feel free to ask more, and to forward this offer to others groups whose
topic is free software.

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